Week of the referrals

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After posting about our CSS refactoring  project at trivago on different platforms i have received a lot of feedback, tweets and mails which made me and the whole project team very happy. We worked hard on this project and we are proud about the results and the way we solved this challenge. Apparently we hit the spirit of the times which we didn’t expect in that way. Taming CSS complexity in large scale applications is a topic which are many people interested in.

What made the blog post so interesting was obviously the concrete reference to a real life project. 


Blog-Posts about Project Ironman

As announced in my last post i finally wrote my article about Project Ironman for my companies tech-blog. You can find the post here or on Medium.

I received a lot of (nice) feedback mostly via twitter.


Project Ironman – Large Scale Refactoring @trivago

I had the pleasure to give a presentation about Project Ironman at a user group in Dortmund.

Project Ironman was the technical migration of the trivago hotel search’s existing CSS core to a pattern library based user interface.

After a long journey, we started to establish a Design / Frontend System from the beginning of 2015 at trivago incl. introducing a pattern library, a atomic design workflow, new coding guidelines and adapted several methodologies like BEM or ITCSS to help us maintaining and developing our CSS/UI at large scale.
Some of the top-level goals of creating a Design System was to ensure consistency in code and design of all our applications as well as reducing technical debt and keeping our application scalable.
I gave a lightning talk at the beginning of 2015 to present our learnings and the issues caused by not having a complete design system at the LeanUX Meetup in Düsseldorf.
In less than a year we were able to develop the base of a new Frontend / Design System and started to redesign / reimplement some of our applications like our trivago company pages.

Nevertheless implementing a new CSS / frontend foundation in our core product the trivago hotel search was a completely different challenge. Around 100 people including Developers, Product Owners and Designers work on this application and a lot more have a stake in it, so there is now way around to do smooth (agile) transition and keep (product) development freezes, which will normally be caused by a refactoring, as low as possible.

So therefore we decided to migrate the CSS foundation to the new base we have developed in our Design System in a very short timeframe and we only had to postpone a few UI related features. After this step is done we are able to built new UI components on a solid, modern and sustainable base.

The project was a huge success, the proposed timeframe was 4 weeks and with an amazing spirit due to our incredible engineering culture and people we were able to finish this project within 3 weeks including positive metrics on the business side.

We are currently working on a blog article about this project and we will publish it on our trivago tech blog as soon as it is finished.

Until then, you might have a look at the slides.

The talk was presented at the OpenTechSchool Meetup Dortmund and gives insights and background about the project scope, its implementation and the business value.

Open files from command line on Mac

I tend to use User Interfaces as much as possible because i like them and i like to built them. Nevertheless i am finding myself more and more working on the command line.

Since i never start a project again without build-tools like grunt or gulp or package managers like bower or composer and favoriting a vagrant i spent a lot of time during the development on the terminal.

Btw. i prefer iterm2 as my terminal replacment with, zsh as my shell configured with oh my zsh and the agnoster theme with Sauce Code Powerline font.

my terminal

In some cases you just want to open a file in the current directory e.g. previewing an image or open a HTML file in the browser. Just type

open myimage.png

to open a file with the registered default program for this filetype.

You can also specify the program you want to use for opening the file. In case Chrome is your default browser but you want to open a HTML file in Safari type

open -a Safari index.html

Opening an URL is as simple

open http://www.google.de

To open a directory in Finder type

open .

to open the current folder or specify the folder you want to open

open images/icons/svg/

Opening a file from the command line is as we can see as simple as it should be.

Product strategy is about saying no

I’ve stumbled upon this funny and awesome talk about product strategy and saying no! It is so much worth to share and watch.

If you want to build a good product you have to learn to say NO!

A seven minute summary of everything I’ve learned about product strategy. What could go wrong…