Conference Recordings

And here we go. Most of the recordings of my conference talks in 2016 related to Project Ironman / Pattern Library at trivago have been published. I’m looking forward to the last one to be released hopefully soon. It is the recording from ScotlandCSS which is not online yet.

Let’s start with my first conference talk in english ever. OMG. You need to read my The Junior Speaker article to understand what happened here. Nevertheless although I’ve been stuck in a “Umm…. bascically”-mode at the end people really liked it and the feedback helped me a lot to understand where I need to improve the talk and myself.

The next one in chronological order of the conference tour is my talk at the Symfony Live 2016 conference in Cologne. What an incredible amazing audience. They’ve appreciated and got all my (stupid) jokes. Thanks to my colleague Jan van Thoor for assisting during this talk. I love it. No speaker notes were needed for this talk in my native language. A bit sad that the quality of sound and video is so bad.

Codemotion Amsterdam. The most exhausting talk on my conference tour. I had such a bad night but my performance is way better than in my remembrance. Unbelievable what I was able to do after 90 minutes of sleep in a hostel and 2 liter of coffee before the talk.

In case you watched them all (I hope you didn’t) you might have seen an improvement in performance. I do at least. At Frontend United I sticked completely to my speaker notes and I didn’t walk miles on the stage. Might be related to the fact that I needed my speaker notes.

Looking forward to the recording of my talk at ScotlandCSS. Although I did 7 talks in 6 weeks and had only a few hours of retrospective after some talks I tried to improve with every single one. And the ScotlandCSS was the best one. At least in my remembrance.

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