Recently I am doing Interviews.

It happened that I was approached by the lovely team that organizes the ScotlandCSS conference whether I would like to have an interview with them. Why not, I thought, and did a very nice skype call with Varya which ended up in this the interview you can read on the ScotlandCSS Website.

I really enjoyed doing the interview.

My company asked me a few days later whether I want to do an interview for a new employer marketing project called “tech diaries”. Why not. And I chose Project Ironman as a topic and they asked me whether I can do a short 2-3min Interview about one of our most successful projects at trivago. I did so.

Last but not least I was approached by Cristiano who startedĀ a side project about the BEM methodology with interviews with various developers who work on large scale projects. I was very pleased to be the first person being interviewed. You can read the interview here.

Doing interviews is fun. Looking forward forĀ more to come.


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