Wifi access granted by QR Code

I don’t like QR codes. Because i often have to implement them into a footer or a sidebar because somebody thinks it is a good idea to let people scan QR codes on the web. But that is a completely different story.

A QR or Quick Response Code can take up to 4296 alphanumerical characters and thanks to its error correction it is very useful e.g. for outdoor usage. Normally a QR Code is used to forward you to an URL but as not so many know you can also use it so grant people access to your wifi network by scanning the QR code and provide an unforgettable visitor service to your friends.

Here is how it works:


where authentication method might be WPA/WEP/nopass and H: defines whether the network is hidden or not.

With this information you can create your QR code either with e.g. qrencode or use a service like QRCode Monkey

Print it out and put in a picture frame. Your friends and all the nerds will like it.